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American Resins- MVB
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AR- MVB is a two component vapor barrier coating. AR MVB is used as a primer and providesbetter adhesion. AR MVB will control moisture vapor emission rates up to 25 lb. /24 hr. /1000square feet...

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AR- MVB is a two component vapor barrier coating. AR MVB is used as a primer and provides
better adhesion. AR MVB will control moisture vapor emission rates up to 25 lb. /24 hr. /1000
square feet all while providing excellent physical and chemical resistance. This coating meets LED
Application Data
Mix Ration 2A:1B

Packing 3-gal kit

Application temp. 12 C° - 28 C°

Pot Life 45 mins

Cure Time

Working time 70-90min

Tack Free 14- 18 hours

Recoat time 14-24hours

Full Cure 7 days

Foot Traffic 24 hours

Suggested Coats 1-2

AR- MVB is formulated as a
high solids system for
classrooms, laboratories,
mechanical rooms, areas of
light manufacturing, where
cleanliness and easy
maintenance are required.

▪ Solvent-free, low VOC content
100% solids

▪ Superior water resistance

▪ Good chemical and physical

▪ Easy to clean

APPLICATION AR MVB should be applied at ambient and surface temperatures between 33- 90 ̊C and
humidity below 80%. R MVB is applied with a rubber squeegee and back rolled with a 10mm lint-free
nap roller (on smooth surfaces) to remove squeegee lines and smooth out coating. Additional coats may
be applied when surface is tack-free (roughly 12 hours). Do not exceed first 24 post-application hours
for recoating. By exceeding this 24 hour recoat time limit, the entire surface must be lightly sanded to
achieve desired profile for a proper mechanical bond. Clean up all dust and debris created by
aforementioned sanding prior to applying subsequent coat.

CURING AR MVB is tack-free in approximately 17 hours at 25 ̊C. Coated area may be put back
into service after 24 hours. Curing is complete and full product characteristics are achieved
after 10 days. Curing times dependent upon ambient & surface conditions.

PRECAUTIONS & LIMITATIONS Prior to application, measure and confirm Substrate Moisture
Content, Ambient and Surface temperatures and Dew Point. This coating cannot be used
against hydrostatic pressure. Substrate Moisture: Moisture within substrate must be ≤4% by
mass as measured by a type of concrete moisture meter on mechanically prepared surface.

Do not add thinners or solvents to mix. Do not add water. Dispose of waste materials in
accordance with government regulations. The use of safety glasses and protective gloves is
required. In case of contact, flush areas with abundance of water for 20 minutes and seek
medical assistance. Wash skin with soap and water.

Use only in well ventilated areas

AVOID CONDENSATION. The substrate must be at least 3 ̊C above Dew Point to reduce risk
of condensation. Condensation may lead to failure in adhesion. Avoid situations where
substrate temperature is considerably lower than ambient temperature

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