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American Resins MVB Ultra
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AR - MVB Ultra Rapid is a two component vapor barrier coating designed to be a faster versionof our standard AR - MVB & our AR-MVB FC. AR - MVB Ultra Rapid is used as...

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AR - MVB Ultra Rapid is a two component vapor barrier coating designed to be a faster version
of our standard AR - MVB & our AR-MVB FC. AR - MVB Ultra Rapid is used as a primer as well
as a binder resin for Flake. AR - MVB Ultra Rapid will control moisture vapor emission rates up
to 25 lb. /24 hr. /1000 square feet all while providing excellent physical and chemical
resistance. This coating meets LEED standards.

Application Data
Mix Ration 2A:1B

Packing 3-gal kit

Application temp. 4 C° - 28 C°

Pot Life 15 mins

Cure Time
Working time 20-25 min

Set Time 1 1/2 hours

Recoat Time 2–24 hours

Full Cure 3 days

Light Foot Traffic 3-5 hours

Suggested Coats 1-2

Technical Properties
ASTM D-635 – Flammability Self Extinguishing
ASTM D-638 - Tensile Strength 5550psi
ASTM D-638 - Tensile Elongation %: 10-15%
ASTM D-695 - Compressive Strength:

@ 24 hours: 7500 @7 days: 9800
ASTM C-722 - Monolithic Surfacing: PASS
ASTM D-2794 - Impact Resistance: PASS
ASTM D-4060 - Abrasion Resistance 100 mg loss
ASTM D-4366 - Shore D 80-90

Vapor Permeance@16 MILS 0.71 g/(m 2d)

ASTM E96 US Perm 0.06

MVER/RH@ 6 MIL Thickness ASTM F 186

18lb/24hr/1000 sq feet

Surface Preparation
Surface must be clean, sound and dry. Prior to
coating a floor all trowel marks and surface
imperfections must be removed to produce a
smooth & uniform surface. Proper surface
preparation is critical to ensure an adequate
chemical bond to substrate. Substrate must be
dry and free of all wax, grease, oils, fats, soil,
contaminants, loose or foreign matter and
laitance. Concrete should be cleaned and
prepared using a shot blast machine or
adequate grinding equipment to achieve a
CSP-3 to CSP-4 profile as per ICRI guidelines.

Compressive strength of concrete should be at
least 3,500 psi (24 Mpa) @ 28 days and at
least 215 psi (1.5 Mpa) in tension at time of
product application.
AR - MVB FC is supplied in factory proportioned quantities, greatly reducing the risk of applicator error
during mixing. Step 1 - Mechanically premix PART A (resin) with an appropriate slow speed drill
equipped with a Jiffy Mixer, for 1 minute. Step 2 - Slowly empty entire content of PART B into container
holding PART A and continue to mix slowly for 3 minutes until uniform consistency in texture and color
is achieved. Avoid unnecessary entrapment of air during mixing. Make sure to scrape walls and bottom
of container with straight edged trowel at least once to ensure homogeneous mix. Make sure to empty
ALL contents of PART B into PART A to avoid system weakening or incomplete curing. DO NOT MIX
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